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11.7m Bangladesh Small Patrol Boat


Length: 11.7m Small Patrol Boat

Length: 11.7m

Construction: Composite

Beam: ~3.8m

Draft: ~0.9m

Power: 2 x 435 horsepower

Fuel: ~1400L

Cruise: 30 knots

Sprint: ~35 knots

Range: 300 nautical miles

#1427 Bangladesh Small Patrol Boat


LOMOcean designed two variants of this compact military vessel for Bangladeshi Navy and Coastguard respectively.


Intended for multiple roles, the boats are currently configured to carry a number of troops, but can equally be set up to transport equipment, operate routine patrols in harbours, estuaries and delta, or perform intercept and apprehension duties etc.


The boats are built using resin infused medium tech E-glass foam sandwich from female tools.


Powering for the first production run is via twin Volvo D6 diesels turning conventional propellers in tunnels for reduced draft. Performance is strong – the propellers offering excellent acceleration and a sprint speed of close to 40 knots. Maneuverability at speed is also surprisingly good and sea trials in 2m+ seas raised by overfalls in the Bali Strait proved the hull to be soft riding and sea kindly.

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This design should find application in a wide variety of military, Government Authority and security roles and with relatively minor modifications could be readily adapted to more specific tasks – the introduction of water jets and bow doors for instance could see the boat operating as a combat boat capable of beach landings.

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