12m Power Catamaran Biit Tender to Charley


Length: 12m Catamaran Tender Biit

Length: 12m

Construction: Advanced Composite

Beam: 4.4m

Draft: 0.67m Canoe Body

Power: 2 x 370hp

Fuel: 1200L

#1513 Biit Charley Tender


This 12m catamaran was designed specifically for use as the primary tender for an 84m superyacht.


The vessel was built using carbon fibre and foam sandwich composites, chiefly intended to reduce the lifting weight for storage on the back of LOMOcean designed shadow boat Charley (see 46m Shadow boat under pleasure section).


Given a relatively high passenger load, keeping the construction lightweight was also important from a powering and performance perspective.


Finished to pleasure yacht standards, the styling echoes that of the larger shadow boat and superyacht.


The catamaran is able to ferry up to thirteen passengers and crew, but is also set up to function as a diving and fishing platform. Underfloor storage space provides room for dive tanks and equipment, while a live bait tank and removable game chair offer fishing capability.


A novel feature on such a small vessel is the commercial sonar intended to offer high resolution imaging to assist with wreck searches and survey.

PA20832 scaled
PA20885 scaled

Powering is courtesy of a pair of Yanmar 8LV diesels turning counter rotating propellers on Yanmar stern legs for a sprint speed of 30 knots.


Biit shares her demi-hull design with a number of small, fast LOMOcean designed catamaran – and their outstanding ride qualities.


During rough weather sea trials, the hugely experienced project manager for the construction of Charley declared Biit the softest riding small catamaran he had ever driven.

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