LOMOcean Bluefix 62 and 51 fwd quarter high

Bluefix NorthCape Game Fish Series


Length: NorthCape Gamefishers by Bluefix

#2004, #2018, #2108 Bluefix NorthCape Game Fish Series


The life long vision of boatbuilder Brad Rowe was to build sportfishers under his own brand and he’s done just that with his NorthCape series, covering 24, 34 and 40’ models to date.


LOMOcean are now pleased to contribute towards the design of a number of new NorthCape game fish models, with the all new 43 and 51 – both in build as of early 2023.

2004 render R8 angle 6 adjusted scaled

Design work has also commenced on a 62’ model – all featuring ultra-fine entry hulls, deeply flared topsides, graceful sheer and tumblehome. The designs draw heavily on Brad’s huge gamefishing history with a myriad of details intended to maximise the NorthCape fishing experience.


For more details, visit www.bluefixboatworks.co.nz

2108 render angle 6 scaled
LOMOcean Bluefix 62 fwd quarter low
LOMOcean Bluefix 62 aft quarter high
LOMOcean Bluefix 62 profile 1

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