01 PRIMARY T875 water 144 scaled

Calibre 745 & 875 Sportfishers


Length: Calibre 7 and 8m Sportfishers

Length: 8.75m

Construction: Composite

Cruise: 30kts

Sprint: 38kts

#0502 Calibre 745 & 875 Sportfishers


A development project in the mid-2000s saw LOMOcean working with Calibre Boats (now defunct) to develop a non-walk around version of the well respected Tournament 8 and Tournament 7 designs.


The result saw an increase in accommodation volume and the adoption of a standard enclosed hardtop, whilst retaining the big cockpit.

T875 water 193 scaled

The standard configuration of the larger 875 model used the familiar diesel with stern leg set up used by the original, and with 300 – 315hp singles, 38 knot sprint speed is achievable, with a lazy 30 knot cruise.


The smaller 745 went to outboard power, with an integrated pod, creating big underfloor storage volumes and a more cost competitive package.

T875 water 197 scaled
875 Interior 2 scaled
875 Interior 17 scaled

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