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Circa 24m passagemaker Deo Juvante


Length: 24m Circa Passagemaker

Length: 25.9m

Construction: Aluminium

Beam: 5.9m

Draft: 1.6m

Power: 2 x 250hp

Fuel: 11,880L

Cruise: 12kts

#2011 Circa 24m Passagemaker Deo Juvante


Following fast in the wake of her near sistership Mollymawk, Deo Juvante differs slightly, with reverse rake bridge windows and a Portuguese bridge.


Her arrangement and décor are also better suited to her European owner, who cruised New Zealand before heading to Australia, Indonesia and Japan, enroute to home waters in Belgium.

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CE compliance also required a change of engines which in turn permitted more power, giving Deo Juvante a turn of speed – around 16 knots sprint – relative to Mollymawk’s more modest 12 knots.


The differences in the design highlight the ease of modifying an existing aluminium design – changes to superstructure and internal arrangement are relatively easy and offers a nice level of flexibility to those used to the fixed features and tick box option lists of production boats.

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