Fast Attack Craft


Length: 55m Trimaran Fast Attack Craft

#1418 55m Fast Attack Craft

A development of LOMOcean’s pioneering work on carbon fibre, trimaran missile boat design, this modernized 55m version offers helicopter and/or drone handling facilities and a sprint speed in excess of 40 knots.

Intended for coastal patrol and operations in the littorals, the ship can be equipped with modern missile systems (RBS15, Spear 3, NSM, Sea-Ceptor etc.) and air defence guns (Bofors 40mm, 57mm).

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The trimaran configuration is intended to offer high levels of sea kindliness, improving combat readiness of the crew and offering a stable platform for sensors, enhancing situational awareness.

The external geometry is simplified for reduced radar cross section and can be built in advanced composite materials using low cost labour and without significant investment in infrastructure, resulting in a highly competent and cost effective platform.


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