01 PRIMARY 1933 3i

16m Gading Catamaran Landing Craft


Length: 16.2m Military Landing Craft

Length: 16.2m

Construction: Composite, Aluminium Alloy

Beam: 5.7m

Draft: 1.2m

Speed: 45+ knots

Crew: 7

Troops: 26+

#1933 16.2m GadingĀ  Catamaran Landing Craft


Designed as a simple, low cost, low maintenance, shallow draft troop carrier, this outboard motor powered, foil assisted catamaran is capable of 40+ knots.


With a deadweight capacity of 5 tonnes, the vessel can carry up to 60 troops and a light truck (with reduced personnel numbers), exiting the vessel via the bow ramp.

1933 2d
1933 2g

Lightweight, robust aluminium construction permits rapid construction from computer cut kit-sets and offers good tolerance to impact and abrasion during beaching operations.

1933 3g
1933 3h
1933 3j

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