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Gading G2000 Mk II Fast Interceptor Craft


Length: 18m Fast Interceptor Craft

Length: 18m

Construction: Aluminium

Beam: 4.6m

Draft: 1.1m

Power: 2 x MAN V12

Propulsion: 2 x Hamilton Jet HTX42

#2114 18m Gading G2000 Mk II Fast Interceptor Craft


The GADING G2000 MkII 18m Fast Interceptor craft, is an evolved version of the original LOMOcean designed Mk1 Gading 18m FIC.


Its debut took place at the prestigious Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace show (LIMA) in 2023, held in Malaysia. The unveiling showcased two of these vessels, marking the beginning of a production run of 13 boats exclusively for the Royal Malaysian Navy.


This updated model incorporates several notable changes compared to its predecessor. The superstructure has been enlarged, featuring reverse raked windscreens for improved vision and reduced glare. Furthermore, the power has been enhanced, utilizing the 1650 mhp version of the MAN V12 diesel engine.


These improvements, combined with the implementation of Hamilton’s new HTX42 high-speed water jets, contribute to improved efficiency at sprint speeds while maintaining the exceptional acceleration, agility, and crash stop capability expected from water jet propulsion systems.


Despite the increase in displacement, the performance of the G2000 Mk II remains on par with its predecessor, readily surpassing 50 knots during demonstration runs at LIMA 2023. Additionally, the vessel exhibits a range exceeding 350 nautical miles when cruising at a speed of 35 knots.


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As with the original design, the G2000 MkII is constructed in aluminium, with structural design to RINA class approval. The assembly process involves computer-cut plates using the comprehensive suite of NC cut files provided by LOMOcean, ensuring precision and efficiency in the construction.


Onboard, the vessel offers fully air-conditioned accommodation, cooking facilities, and ablution amenities for a crew of four. Additionally, there is seating capacity for eight tactical personnel, delivering improved versatility in terms of operational functionality. The craft’s shallow draft allows for beach landings when necessary, supported by a stern anchor for kedging off and a large bow hatch and ladder.


Outfitting the first five boats in the production run are Escribano Sentinel 2.0 remote-controlled weapon stations; the remaining eight boats will be equipped with Aselsan STAMP-L RCWS. Furthermore, all the boats will feature twin 12.7 machine guns mounted on pintles at the rear of the vessel.


The G2000 Mk II, represents a significant advancement in terms of performance, design, and functionality. Its introduction at LIMA 2023 showcased its impressive features and capabilities, ensuring that the Royal Malaysian Navy will possess a fleet of highly capable and versatile vessels for a variety of operational requirements. 

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