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18m Gading G2000 Fast Interceptor Craft Mk1


Length: Gading G2000 Mk1 18m Fast Interceptor Craft

Length: 18m

Construction: Aluminium

Beam: 4.6m

Draft: 1m

Power: 2 x 1550hp

Speed: 52kts

Range: >350NM

#1927 Gading 18m G2000 Fast Interceptor Craft Mk1


Designed by LOMOcean to meet the requirements of the Royal Malaysian Navy, six of these 18m Fast Interceptor Craft were built by Gading Marine in Lumut, Malaysia using LOMOcean’s designs and production engineering cut files.


The boats are equipped with twin diesel engines and water jets and are capable of speeds exceeding 50 knots.


Video credit Gading Marine


Bow on crash stop
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The boats have a crew of five and can also carry up to 8 members of the Quick Reaction Force.


The boats are in use in a surveillance and intercept role and are particularly useful in shallow waters surrounding Malaysia’s long coastline and her many islands.

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