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25m Mapso Aquarius Fireboat


Length: 25m Wavepiercer Fireboat - Mapso Aquarius

Length: 25m

Construction: Alloy

Beam: 9.5m

Draft: 1.6m

Power: 4 x 650 hp

Fuel: 10,000 L

Cruise: 22 knots Full load

Sprint: 28 knots

Range: 16 hours fire-fighting

#0901 25m Fireboat Wave Piercer


A radical fireboat concept delivered by Mapso Marine to the Port of Damietta in Egypt, Ezzat serves as a fast response fire fighter and rescue craft, capable of both harbor and coastal operations.


Mapso Marine, established in Egypt since 1976, occupy a unique niche in the local marine market as project developers and facilitators. In a well proven formula – most notably on a large number of projects involving Voith Schneider equipment – the company brings together an operator, a shipyard and a designer, then provides a comprehensive materials and equipment package, plus technology transfer and build management expertise where required.


The 24m Ezzat is another successful collaboration between Mapso and LOMOcean. The design is a wave piercer catamaran, with reduced reserve buoyancy immediately above demi-hull waterline in the forward sections intended to reduce vessel pitch response in small to moderate seas. In larger waves – and particularly in following seas, the ‘centre’ hull slung between the two demi-hulls offers reserve volume to lift the bow when required. Normally the centre hull at deck level mimics the plan shape of a wide mono-hull, although for Ezzat, the bow was squared off, to serve as a pusher but also offers a large platform for crew transfer operations over the bow. In these situations, the low reserve buoyancy of the demi-hulls provides a semi-SWATH effect to hold the bow stationary relative to the transfer vessel or platform.


In combination, the foil assisted wavepiercer hull, the solid welded aluminium construction, a well installed machinery package and the water jet propulsion package offers an extremely soft, quiet and vibration free ride, surprising independent observers on board during sea trials off the coast of Alexandria in jumbled 1.5 – 2 m seas.

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Delivered to full Germanischer Lloyd FiFi 1 class, Ezzat has a sprint speed of 26 knots from her quad Scania DI12 66M diesels rated to 478kW at 2200rpm, coupled via ZF 325-1 transmissions to four Hamilton Jet HJ403 water jets. The four water jets offer a high level of operational redundancy as well as excellent close quarter manoeuvering and station holding capability, particularly when reacting the considerable thrust associated with monitor discharge.


The fire fighting system is from Norway’s Fire Fighting Systems AS, using twin remote controlled, steerable FFS1200 monitors, GRP piping system and pumps driven by two Scania DI16 diesels, each rated at 486kW. The system is capable of delivering up to 40,000 litres per minute, with adjustable nozzle pattern and a deck fogging system for protection of vessel and crew in close quarters situations.


The boat carries 10,000 litres of diesel and 5000 litres of foam, offering a continuous fire fighting duration of up to 16 hours. The upper deck and wheelhouse is arranged to offer excellent vision to both helmsman and the fire fighting system operator, also providing ample room for operations planning and direction. Permanent accommodation is provided for up to six crew, with additional temporary berths available in a large survivor’s cabin located immediately forward of the aft deck, which includes a rescue basket/ladder arrangement. A galley and mess, plus comprehensive ablution facilities permit either live-aboard crew, or cater for prolonged on-station operations where required.


Although conceived as a fire fighter, the basic platform design of Ezzat is readily re-configurable to other work boat operations, such as crew transfer, coastal patrol or windmill servicing.

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