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Mapso Micro Tug


Length: 10m Micro Tug Boat Mapso

Length: 10m

Construction: Alloy

Beam: 4m

Draft: 1.6m

Power: 1 x 400 hp

Fuel: 1,000 litres

Cruise: 6 knots

Sprint: 10 knots

Range: 800 Nautical miles

#0816 Mapso Micro Tug


This small 10 metre tug was developed for an Egyptian port authority and comes in the form of an aluminium production-kit.


The first micro-tug was launched in June 2010 and here are some comments from the client:


“She floats perfectly and is very dry when under way. There is no vibration at all in forward mode, at 1000 rpm we do 7 knots and it is like we are not moving. She is also very quiet. Speed was 10.2 knots, or a v/sq.L of about 1.8, remarkable for a full displacement lead ballasted boat.

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Maximum sustained bollard pull was 4.74 tons (mean of ten readings), 30 seconds apart, five minutes in total very good, 1.25 tons for every 100 HP of engine power.


Our contract was for 8 knots and 2.5-3 tons bollard pull, so we have 20% more speed and 100% more pull. Well done!”

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