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Mapso Multi RSPA Anti Pollution Catamaran


Length: 12m Catamaran Anti-Pollution Vessel Mapso

Length: 12m

Construction: Aluminium

Beam: 5.2m

Draft: ~1.0m

Power: 2 x 108hp

Cruise: 10 knots

Range: ~180 nautical miles

#1801 Mapso Multi RSPA Anti Pollution Catamaran

An anti pollution (or pollution control) vessel on a catamaran platform.

The twin hulls give a reduced fuel consumption rate at cruise speeds, while also allowing the use of an elevated bridge- for excellent navigation visibility.

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Although primarily arranged to handle harbour oil spill clean up duties, deck equipment can be modified and re-arranged to suit intended operations.

Can carry 3 crew, and 500L of oil dispersant, along with an oil recovery boom on the aft deck.


Variants include project #2015 APA TRV, a 12m Trash Recovery Vessel.

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