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Mapso Nano 28 Work Boat


Length: 8.5m Harbour Work Boat

Length: 8.5m

Construction: Aluminium Alloy

Beam: 3.1m

Draft: ~1m

Power: Up to 190hp

Fuel: 300L

Sprint: 18kts

#1202 Mapso Nano 28 Work Boat


Part of the ever growing family of Mapso’s Nano class of harbour workboats, the 28 Shuttle is intended primarily as a people mover that can operate in a variety of different roles, including passenger services, worker transfer, pilot, customs and health control.


With capacity for 12 passengers and engine options offering services speeds in excess of 25 knots, the boat is arranged to offer passengers good shelter from the elements as well as wide side decks with well placed grab rails, permitting ease of boarding and egress from a wide range of varying platforms. The rounded plan view is designed to assist the vessel to roll away from a moving ship – often problematical with conventional hull forms – and heavy fendering offers maximum protection to complement the robust construction.


The boat is classed Lloyds A1 Workboat Mono G2.

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Although the first boat uses a commercially rated Konrad stern drive coupled to a single Yanmar diesel engine, conventional shaft options are an option also, with excellent engine room access afforded by a large, hinging aft deck hatch.

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