micro mega tuig

18m Micro Mega Tug


Length: 18m Micro Mega Tug Boat

Length: 18m

Construction: Steel

Beam: ~6.6m

Draft: ~2.6m

Power: 2 x 755 hp

Fuel: ~18,000 L

Sprint: 11 knots

#1710 18m Micro Mega Tug


Part of Mapso’s growing Micro range of commercial tug boats, this 18m is the largest in the current family.


The design draws on Mapso’s long history and experience with tugs; as the world’s largest suppliers of Voith Water Tractors, Mapso has been able to offer detailed design briefing information about operator requirements to LOMOcean. The result is a handsome, practical, robust and reliable mid-size tug.

IMG 0083 scaled
IMG 0103 scaled

Constructed in steel to Lloyds class, the vessel has a bollard pull of 18 tonnes and a maximum service speed of 11 knots.


Accommodation is provided for a crew of four, including bunks, galley and ablution facilities.


small 1 1
large 2 1
fwd quarter
IMG 0091 scaled

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