18m Missile Boat


Length: 18m Foil Assisted Catamaran Missile Boat

Length: 18.6m

Construction: Composite

Beam: 7.5m

Draft: 1.2m

Cruise: 40kts

Crew: 5

#1611 18m Missile Boat Catamaran


Intended to fight in the littorals, using a proven, foil assisted catamaran hull form and with low manning requirements, this 18m platform offers a combination of very high sprint speed, long range capabilities and excellent sea kindliness in rough seas.


Equipped with powerful anti-ship missiles and designed for mass production without the need for a highly skilled workforce, this design offers excellent strategic opportunities for distributed lethality and co-operative engagement capabilities at very low platform cost.


A 30mm RCWS offers defensive capabilities and tactical data links allow targeting information to be received from aircraft and other in-theatre platforms.

1611 1a

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