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Nano 23 Work Boat Tug


Length: 7m Harbour Work Boat

Length: 7m

Construction: Aluminium Alloy

Beam: ~2.6m

Draft: ~0.75m

Power: 85 horsepower

Fuel: ~100L

Sprint: ~12kts

#1403 Nano 23 Work Boat Tug


Developed in conjunction with LOMOcean’s Egyptian partners Mapso as part of their growing commercial boat model range, the Nano 23 Tug design was conceived as a robust, multi-purpose utility workboat, capable of carrying out a wide range of tasks in typical harbour conditions.


Emphasis has been placed on practicality and versatility with the ability to undertake a number of roles, including towing, pushing, line handling, patrol, as well as transport of personnel, tools and light cargo.

aft cockpit
Bow on

Construction is welded aluminium, offering a good blend of low weight, cost effectiveness and toughness.


Importantly, aluminium also offers excellent end of life options for recyclability – an important consideration in workboat environments where large numbers of small craft are used intensively in harsh working conditions.

helm area
Night shot
running fwds
top down

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