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10.5m RIB Assault Craft


Length: 10.5m RIB Assault Craft

Length: 10.5m

Construction: Composite

Beam: 3m

Draft: 0.73m

Power: 2 x 450 hp

Fuel: 650 litres

Sprint: ~40 knots

#1235 10.5m RIB Military Assault Craft


Powered by twin MD diesels and RR Kamewa water jets, these 10.5m military assault craft RIB’s sprint speed when loaded easily exceeds the 40 knot contract requirement and crew reports indicate the hull to be soft riding, with responsive, nimble handling.


Construction is in infused vinlyester E-glass foam sandwich designed for extreme slamming decelerations of up to 5.5g.

large 1 8 scaled
large 2 9 scaled



The basic arrangement can be modified around the engine box to offer mid or forward helm location as required by the operator.


A smaller outboard motor powered 9.2m variant can also be moulded from the same basic tooling.

DSC0664 scaled
DSC0727 scaled

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