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17.6m Gading Police Fast Attack Craft


Length: 17.6m Fast Attack Craft

Length: 17.6 m

Construction: Aluminium

Beam: 4.6m

Draft: ~1.0m

Power: 2 x 1200 hp

Fuel: 3750L

Cruise: 30 knots

Sprint: 45+ knots

Range: 300 nm

#1621 17.6m Gading Police Fast Attack Craft


Designed by LOMOcean and built by Gading Marine for the Royal Malaysian Police, these two 17.6m Fast Attack Craft were the beginning of what has proven to be a strong collaboration between Gading Marine and LOMOcean in recent years.


Constructed in aluminium from an NC production cut file kitset supplied by LOMOcean, the boats have a sprint speed of over 45 knots, but offers comfortable accommodation and a high wheelhouse for the crew.

Video Credit Gading Marine

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The subject of a now legendary video clip on YouTube, filmed during a display, the boat demonstrates remarkable maneuverability at speed, running fast directly towards the dock, only to abruptly swerve and stop neatly against the wharf.


See it here:- https://www.youtube.com/shorts/9T5Bn7CHk88



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