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SeaWolf Sportfish


Length: 14.9m Gamefisher SeaWolf

Length: 14.9m

Construction: Composite

Beam: 4.4m

Draft: 0.65m moulded

Power: 1 x 500hp

Fuel: 4000L

Cruise: 12kts

Sprint: 18kts

#1510 SeaWolf Sportfish


This 14.9m semi-displacement mono-hull was specifically designed for an experienced game fisherman as his ultimate charter fishing and live aboard boat, operating in French Polynesia.


The client was seeking to develop a sleek, efficient vessel that was able to maximize his fishing range while also boasting significantly lower fuel burn than conventional sport fishers at typical trolling speeds. Importantly, he was prepared to break commonly accepted paradigms about what a ‘sports fisher’ should be and the result is a boat very much optimized for the role envisaged and to the requirements of the client and end user.


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Featuring a controllable pitch propeller for seamless transitions between forward and astern, the semi-displacement form offers excellent range and fuel efficiency at typical trolling speeds – and although not necessarily as fast as some high powered conventional game boats, SeaWolf is still able to cruise out and back at respectable speeds.


Fitted with a tuna tower, specialist sonar, large kill tanks and frozen stores, SeaWolf is a highly capable fishing vessel, putting many miles under her keel and plenty of fish to her credit in a relatively short period of time since her delivery.





Photo credit Tom Francis

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sea wolf tahiti Oct 2022

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