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Solas Keala 8m Tourist Boat


Length: 8m RIB Kona Dive Charter Boat Keala

Length: 9m (including tubes)

Construction: Aluminium

Beam: 3.6m (including tubes)

Draft: ~0.6m

Power: 2 x 250hp

Fuel: 600L

#1625 Solas Keala 8m Tourist Boat


Keala is a dive, snorkeling and sight seeing tourist boat which has been designed and constructed with close direction from an existing eco-tourism operator based in Kona, Hawaii, who wished to improve the operational capacity of his fleet.


Most important for the owner was to have a new vessel which was rated to safely carry more passengers than his existing boats.


Upon meeting the United States Coast Guard stringent requirements for vessels of this type, Keala was approved to carry 28 passengers – an impressive number of people to seat comfortably and safely on a vessel which is less than 10m LOA.

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LOMOcean received very positive feedback on the performance of the vessel after sea trials: “the boat does exactly what it is told to do with no fuss. From tight turns at speed to a full circle, to start / stop operation – there are no surprises.” And that it is an “exciting and fun ride offering a very secure feeling for passengers, even for those who might be concerned.”


The client also had this to say: “The team at LOMOcean took ownership of the challenge and the result was nothing short of outstanding. The owners are impressed and very happy.”

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