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UAE Landing Craft Mk2


Length: 22.5m Foil Assisted Catamaran Landing Craft

Length: 22.5m

Construction: Composite, Aluminium Alloy

Beam: 8.8m

Draft: 1.1m

Speed: 45+ knots

#2302 UAE Landing Craft 38t DWT Mk2


Using a proven asymmetric foil assisted catamaran hull platform propelled by diesel engines and water jets at speeds exceeding 45 knots, this 20m landing craft can carry 52 troops, 4 crew and an 8×8 Patria AMV or similar.

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Offered in low and raised profile variants – the design is intended for fast transits along coastlines for selective troop insertion, with protection afforded both by the ship’s armaments and the armoured vehicle.

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