Workboat Catamaran

34m Work Boat Catamaran Offshore Guardian


Length: 34m Catamaran MV Offshore Guardian

Length: 34m

Construction: Aluminium Alloy

Beam: ~11.3m

Draft: ~2.2m

Power: 2 x 715 hp

Fuel: 60,000 L

Cruise: 10 knots

Sprint: ~12 knots

#1401 34m Work Boat Catamaran


A development of the 24m Guru, this 34m variant offers more working deck space (170 square metres inside crash rails) and increased accommodation for crew and specialist workers (28 bunks total).


Design and construction has been carried out with a view to operations in both New Zealand and Australian jurisdictions; design was carried out using Lloyds for structural design and both NSCV and New Zealand Maritime regulations for fitout, machinery, bilge, systems etc.

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The wheelhouse is almost identical to that of Guru, offering both a main helm control station and a back-up station with vision lines across the working deck, plus working space for specialists and a lounge area.


Four point anchoring, deck reinforcement for a 10 tonne A-frame gantry, plus a Palfinger deck crane also remain as per Guru.


With capabilities that are likely to include deployment of underwater Remote Operated Vehicles, emphasis was placed on electrical supply and the 34m catamaran includes significantly more electrical generation capabilities. Machinery and driveline are nearly identical to Guru – C-rated C18 Caterpillars on conventional shafts.


Electric bow and stern thrusters contribute to DP1 dynamic positioning capability.

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