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X-18 Tank Boat


Length: 18m Foil Assisted Catamaran Troop Carrier (Tank Boat)

Length: 18m

Construction: Advanced Composite

Beam: ~6.6m

Draft: ~1.1m

Power: 2 x V8 Diesel

Sprint: 40+ knots

Range: 500+ nautical miles

#1923 18m X-18 Tank Boat and Troop Carrier


Developed in conjunction with North Sea Boats, this 18m catamaran Fire Support Vessel (Tank Boat) takes an old idea and uses modern technology to makes it viable.


The platform is a well proven foil assisted catamaran, capable of 40 knot + sprint speeds from a combination of V8 diesels and water jets – and a range of over 500 nautical miles at speed.


Equipped with a turret normally seen on a land tank, the vessel will operate in a similar role – but in coastal, estuarine and riverine environments where a tracked or wheeled vehicle simply can’t go – and offers unrivalled fire power in such a small vessel.


Video Credit PT Pindad

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Intended for operation by a crew of four, the catamaran will also be capable of transporting and beach landing up to twenty special forces personnel, the water jets offering both excellent maneuverability and the ability to operate in shallow, debris laden water.


An alternative troop carrier version of the vessel provides extended seating capacity for up to 60 troops in addition to 5 crew.


Construction is in advanced composites for reduced weight and enhanced impact and abrasion resistance. Ballistic protection systems complying with STANAG 4569 will offer protection to crew, troops and magazine.

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