LOMOcean Marine is based in ‘the city of sails’, Auckland, New Zealand. Our office is perched between the shore of the Waitemata harbour and the country’s largest marina.

Not only do we spend our day amongst an array of boats and ships as they ply their trade, race each other or simply head out to - and back from - adventures, but we are also privileged from time to time to see dolphins, whales and seals as well as plenty of birds and fish.

It is an inspiring environment for our team of nine to ten people – all with a passion for boats and an enjoyment of the many faceted, creative, innovative, technical and utterly absorbing process of helping new boats on their journey from spark of inspiration to a floating work of art, a workhorse or defender of freedom.

Craig Loomes


Director, Naval Architect

A professional boat builder, Craig is also an award winning naval architect with a flair for styling and ergonomics as well as an intuitive feel for the design of efficient hull forms validated by theory, test tank and many blue water miles.

A meticulous thinker, Craig has an eye for detail and a passion for excellence which is applied not only to the varied technical aspects of boat and yacht design, but to the thousands of aesthetic and ergonomic subtleties that combine to form good design.

Andre Moltschaniwskyj

( NZCE mech, BE Mech )

Director, Senior Engineer

A specialist marine composites engineer, Andre joined LOMOcean Marine as a major shareholder in early 1998. He brings more than three decades of composite structural design experience on boats ranging from high volume production runabouts to top level, custom built race and super yachts.

Andre is also heavily involved in development and management of the company as well as a first point of contact for inquiry to the business and on going client liaison.

Kirsty Loomes

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Director, Financial Controller

A talented financial manager, Kirsty has been with LOMOcean Marine since its inception and brings many years of experience in the boating industry with several different companies in roles including financial control, customer service and marketing, and draughting.

Taking overall responsibility for the financial management of the company, Kirsty also has a management role via her seat on the Board of Directors.

The Team

Tim Patrick

Felix Bennett

Keith Torckler

Rhys Witt

Tom Bertenshaw

Brad Wood

LOMOcean projects span the globe


When Craig Loomes first started drawing boats, his small design company was logically named after its founder and sole employee and, as his work become more sought after, was formally incorporated in the early nineteen nineties.

Just six years later, the company had delivered a significant statement to the international yachting world with the launch of the very innovative 27m Ultimate Lady one of the first wavepiercer motor yachts ever and recipient of an International Super Yacht award in 1998.

At that time, Andre Moltschaniwskyj a composite materials structural engineer who had consulted to Loomes on a number of his designs over the preceding years - joined as a significant shareholder and director, with Kirsty Loomes also appointed as a director prompting a minor name change to Craig Loomes Design Group Ltd.

The intervening years have seen the company growing in size, turnover and market presence, with entry into a wide variety of international markets that have included work-boats, high speed para-military interceptors, passenger ferries, fire-boats, pleasure boats, motor yachts, innovative sail boats and even more innovative record breakers, such as the 24m trimaran Earthrace and the 31m wavepiercer Planet Solar. This focus on proven innovation has recently attracted the attention of the military sector, opening up a whole new market for the company.

Although Loomes continues to play a major role, the company is now a very capable organization in it's own right, with a large library of tank tested and proven hull forms covering a huge range of vessel types and configurations.

The company continues to grow its in-house structural engineering capability and can boast specialist skills not only across all sectors of marine composite design, but in wood, steel and aluminium that allows the delivery of highly detailed and integrated vessel design packages.

The growing maturity and capability of the organization has now prompted another name change to LOMOcean Marine Ltd, creating a new brand that demonstrates a commitment to longevity and continuity of the company and reflecting the synergy associated with a team effort from a hard working, skilled and loyal workforce. The name borrows a little from the surnames of each of the principals of the company and blends with the word ocean a place that all the company's creations are designed for - and belong to.


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