Research forms an important part of the company's activities as the principals strive for better, smarter ways of achieving the desired end result.


Research programs have included development of portable tow testing rigs, construction of powered, instrumented models, testing of composite joints for improved production efficiency and most recently, work with a New Zealand Crown Research Institute on vessel motions, measuring slamming accelerations on novel hull configurations.

Towing tank work, particularly at the Australian Maritime College facility in Launceston is carried out on a regular basis and comprehensive work on motor yacht hull forms scaling to in excess of 60m has been carried out.

More Expertise

Technology Transfer

Because such a strong and complete suite of skills exists at LOMOcean Design the company has been involved in technology transfer programmes around the world, working either to set up new yards, or assist the growth of existing yards in places as diverse as Turkey, Egypt, Malaysia, Thailand and Mauritius.


The nature of the New Zealand marine industry is one with a hands on, make it work approach and many new techniques for working with composite materials were invented or developed in New Zealand to the extent where construction methods particularly for large, custom one-off projects that are used routinely in New Zealand are either unheard of, or only little used in other countries.


LOMOcean Marine is unusual in it's ability to keep structural design of composite boats inhouse, with two specialist marine composite design engineers offering composite structural solutions that are fully integrated with all other elements of the boat design process.

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