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9.3m RIB Assault Craft


Length: 9.3m RIB Military Assault Craft

Length: 9.3m

Construction: Composite

Beam: 3m

Draft: 0.71m

Power: 2 x 200hp Outboards

Fuel: 650L

Cruise: 35 knots

Sprint: 43 knots

#1234 9.3m RIB Assault Craft


These 9.3m outboard powered RIBs are a development of the diesel water jet 10.4m RIB design also generated for North Sea Boats of Indonesia.


Powered by twin Suzuki 200hp outboards, the production run of five boats was produced for the Indonesian Navy.

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These vessels can carry up to eight assault/boarding troops with an operational crew of two and are armed with a bow mounted 7.62mm GMPG.


Emphasis has been placed on the ability to maintain high speeds in rough seas and the design uses a moulded composite deep V hull to achieve this.


High tube placement reduces the likelihood of audible wave slap for reduced detection during special forces night operations whilst drifting or operating at slow speed in close quarters.

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